This module is used to manage collections, purchases and sales of goods that can be weighed. Through an Android smartphone and a Bluetooth enabled digital scale, KilimoUjazo manages the collection and issuing of anything that can be weighed, giving proper documentation of all the activities involved in purchasing goods. This solution is used commonly in different warehouses as well as in the agricultural sector for the collection of Tea, maize, rice, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed.The goal is to facilitate the user’s duty of collecting the weight data with a Bluetooth enabled scale and sending it in real-time to the server and exchanging information with the warehouse so that the product collected can be processed. The application also has a Backend where all the info is then collected and payments to Farmers/Suppliers can be made.

Features of KilimoUjazo

Contract Farming

This Component allows traders to engage the Farmer groups. Traders are able to view historical data for each farmer group and allow competitive engagement with the Groups. This allows the farmer groups to have an upper hand in Purchase agreement of their crop harvest.


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